Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mini Chocolate Tartlets (Paleo, Sweetener FREE!)

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Fact: I struggle with food photography. The above photo was a result of me putting the finished product on a cutting board, placing it on my patio, and snapping a few pictures (while holding my 12 week old). I use to thrift for new dishes and utensils, and browse through photos for inspiration, but I just didn't feel passionate about it. I do envy my fellow bloggers who can make all of their recipes look completely irresistable though. The photos really sell the recipe. If this photo doesn't "sell" this recipe, just take my word for it: they are superbly delicious

They're paleo compliant, and have NO added sweeteners. So, indulge! You can even sub the cacao powder with carob to make them AIP! The sweet potato is what lends sweetness to this recipe. Yes, I know sweet potatoes are fairly high carb, BUT it's divided into 12 servings. So, each tart IS low carb, with probably less than 5g (my estimate) of carbs per tartlet. You don't have to make tartlets with the recipe either. You could easily make a full sized pie with it, or even put the chocolate filling in bowls and refrigerate for a mousse/pudding type dessert. 



You'll also want to bake your japanese, or regular, sweet potato before getting started. 

What you need:


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  4. Is this using setting gelatin or collagen gelatin? Thank you


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