Friday, June 27, 2014

Simple Sandwich Rounds (AIP)

Who doesn't love a good sandwich? Growing up, I ate a standard white-bread/bologna/cheese sandwiches pretty often, and it was definitely a comfort food for me. Then when my "real food" days came about, my husband and I ate sourdough veggie sandwiches on the reg. After starting AIP, I thought the days of enjoying sandwiches were over. Then, I stumbled upon something amazing. Plantains. 
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chewy Lemon Ginger Cookies {AIP}

If you follow me on Facebook, you are probably already tired of hearing me yak about my awful morning sickness. Guys, I am quite ill. Severe food aversions, fatigue, headaches- the whole shebang. I'm quite embarrassed to admit to you all that I have fallen off of the AIP wagon. But we all know that we're only human, and that we can't always be perfect. Food aversions have made it near impossible to eat the nourishing diet that I know any pregnant woman should be eating. So, I'm just doing the best I can. For the time being, that's gluten free and as much AIP food as I can manage. I'm also doing just about everything I can to reduce nausea- ginger, b-vitamins, magnesium, essential oils, Sea-Bands, etc. I made these cookies right after my morning sickness began in an effort to get some AIP friendly calories in me, while also trying to reduce the nausea. They were delicious, when everything else was repulsive. I can't wait for you all to try this recipe! 
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

{New & Improved!} AIP Bacon & Kale Pizza

I hope you all enjoy the AIP pizza recipe I shared a while back; I have gotten lots of comments about the crust. Shortly after I came up with the original crust recipe, I started experimenting with tapioca. Guys, this crust is amazing! I cannot wait for you all to try it, and see what types of toppings your creative minds come up with! I shared this recipe on The Paleo Mom, so hop over there to see the full recipe!

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Sweet Potato Tots (AIP)

Isn't it amazing when you find a restaurant that will cater to your complicated requests? There's a lovely little restaurant just down the street from my house that serves local grass-fed beef, pork, and lamb that is great with that. My toddler asks to go there just for their "sweet-ta-tato-tots." Rightfully so, because they are amazing. This recipe came about when my toddler asked for "sweet-ta-tato-tots" and the restaurant was closed. These we're a delicious little treat, and were extremely easy to put together. The best part: they're AIP friendly.
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