Sunday, March 30, 2014

Primal Pumpkin Mousse (AIP)

This dessert has been my go to snack for the past few weeks, and I am totally hooked. It's low in carbohydrates, and is chock full of healthy fats. Can you say satiating? If I'm really craving something sweet, I just whip this up to prevent myself from cheating. It's literally so filling, I can't even imagine cheating after eating this. Not to mention that it's a pretty nutritionally dense little snack! And if you're able to add the gelatin, it's even healing to your gut!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Bacon Wrapped Salmon & Avocado (AIP)

If I were wealthier, you know what I'd buy more of? Bacon. Pastured bacon. After being a vegetarian for a whopping 7.5 years, bacon is like.. sensory overload. I've only been eating it for the past 2-3 months, and just literally want to wrap and sprinkle everything with bacon. But, pastured bacon comes with a heavy price tag, and I only occasionally enjoy it as a treat. Last week I needed a quick snack to take a long with me, so I came up with this. It's got protein, lots of healthy fat, and is pretty satiating little snack! Who am I kidding? I ate this for lunch. It requires minimal preparation, and comes together fairly quick.
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The 21 Day Sugar Detox Book Review & GIVEAWAY!

I know that many of you reading this are probably already either following the Paleo, AIP, or GAPS diet. You might be thinking, "I've already restricted my diet so much!" I know exactly how you feel. For those of you following the Autoimmune protocol, you know this the best. "What else could I possibly need to change with my diet?" I actually fought the urge to buy this book for several months because I thought it would just be too difficult on top of my already incredibly restricted diet. However, when I finally gave in and got the book, I actually got quite excited to do this "detox". Diane has a way putting her ideas in a very practical, and easy-to-understand manner. I had a pretty intense sugar addiction before doing this program, and did not find it to be overwhelming at all- even with a very restricted diet. This book and detox program had a very profound impact on my ideas about sugar, carbohydrates, and blood-sugar regulation, and I am so excited to be able to give a copy away to one of you! 
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Friday, March 21, 2014

Avocado & Sardine Tapenade (AIP)

I'll admit it, I am a total baby when it comes to sardines. In my effort to heal, and achieve optimal health, I have realized how incredibly important it is to eat fish regularly. Now, I can eat salmon fillets all day long and never get tired of it. But sardines, and any other "whole" canned fish- I.. just cant. Last week Diane Sanfillipo asked her Facebook readers what food they just couldn't eat, and nearly everyone answered sardines. She replied to this by saying "stop being big babies!" Right then, I decided I was going to stop being a baby. I mean, I like the taste of them, but have never been able to get over the appearance enough to actually incorporate them into my diet. However, I know that sardines are jam packed with healthy fats and nutrients, and it is truly worth trying to get used to. 
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DIY Tooth Whitening Paste (Before & After!)

While my family and I eat a super strict and clean diet- we also pay very close attention to the products we put on our skin, hair, and teeth. One reason we choose to eat such a healthy diet, is to prevent disease- and that's the same reason we're picky about the lotions, soaps, shampoos, and toothpastes we put our body in contact with. One bottle of "conventional" lotion can have over 20 different synthetic chemicals in it! Some of which are "minute" quantities of a known carcinogen! It really baffles me, because it's just plain unnecessary. In my household, we have one bottle of very natural shampoo, and one of lotion. And guess what? None of us has dandruff, oily hair, oily skin, dry skin, or acne. For us, we don't need a million products to keep our bodies healthy looking. (Primarily because of what we're putting in ourselves, of course!) I also think that many lotions, acne scrubs, and shampoos simply exacerbate the problem! The truth is, every beauty and skin product you need, can be made at home with just a handful of ingredients. And further, it likely will work much better than any chemical laden product you could purchase. 
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Herb & Coconut Crusted Chicken Breasts (AIP)

This is day 6 of my 21 Day Sugar Detox, and I am falling in love with savory. I mean, I liked savory food before, but my relationship with it has drastically changed since cutting out excess carbohydrates. Seriously, it has brought a whole new meaning to the term satiating. I just feel perfectly full at every meal, and totally satisfied until the next. So far, this experience has been incredibly inspiring! Ideas are just blooming, and exploding everywhere. In my sleep. In class. I love cooking right now. For me, an incredibly restricted diet has just taught me how many things you can make with just a handful of ingredients.
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Friday, March 7, 2014

AIP Strawberries & Cream Tart

Hey guys! You have to try this. It isn't overly sweet, and the crust is to die for. I contributed this recipe to Delicious Obsessions this month, so head on over there to see it. You can see the recipe here.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Coconut Milk and Coconut Flour Recipe (AIP)

I don't know about you all, but coconut plays a huge role in my diet. Coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut flour, shredded coconut, coconut aminos, coconut water- I use at least one of them every day. And now that I'm following the Autoimmune Paleo protocol, coconut provides one of the only flours and oils that I can have. In this recipe, I will be showing you how to make coconut milk using only two ingredients- shredded coconut and water. You can use this to add to your coffee or tea, to make ice-cream or yogurt, for salad dressings, vegetable dips, and whatever else you would normally use milk for. It's also delicious all by it's self, unsweetened. I will also be showing you how to make coconut flour with the pulp you have left from making coconut milk!
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Easy Paleo Yuca Fries {AIP}

Have you ever seen yucas in your local super market and thought "what the...?" I definitely have- and I consider myself an adventurous eater. So,  after seeing a few recipes here and there, I decided to go for it. Man, what a treat. Now I'm kicking myself for not buying some earlier. I started the 21 Day Sugar Detox today, and now I can't have them! (I cup of yuca packs over 70 grams of carbohydrates!) It's definitely not something that should be enjoying regularly, but it can definitely be a nice treat every now and again. If you're not sure what a yuca looks like, follow this link. They're long round, brown roots. They're covered in a bark-like skin that is typically very waxy. Yucas bruise fairly easy, so the wax is added to help preserve them. When picking out yucas, check for soft spots. Their flavor is very starchy, and almost identical to that of a potato. Although the texture is slightly different, you almost can't tell the difference between it and a potato. This is great for those of us following the Autoimmune Paleo protocol who can't eat nightshades! After the boiling step, you can simply puree the yuca and make nightshade-free "mashed potatoes"! Preparing yuca is incredibly easy, so don't be intimidated.
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Autoimmune Paleo Plantain Taco Shells

I live in Northern Arkansas, in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, and this morning I awoke to some very inclement weather. As my toddler and I eased out of bed and to the couch for some morning cuddles, ice began pouring down. I quickly realized that we were going to be stuck indoors for the day, and possibly for the next few days. I daydreamed about some new recipes in bed last night, so I was actually quite stoked to be stuck indoors all day. For me, that means I get to experiment in my kitchen with my free time instead of running errands or worrying about school work.
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