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(All donations received will go towards paying monthly fees for blogging {hosting, giveaways, and recipe ingredients}, saving to become a Certified Nutrition Consultant, and helping me afford products and medical advice I need to heal my own body.) 


  1. I am new to your blog--found it through the Paleo Approach community where some of your recipes have been posted! I am on the healing journey as well, and I have found it's been an emotional, spiritual and physical healing journey all tied into one. We are holistic! It's always nice to "meet" other sojourners on the healing journey. Peace and hope to you!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through someone's share on Facebook. I am on a similar journey. I quit my job about a month ago in order to fully recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and have gone through the diets as well. A little over a year ago I was a workaholic athlete who thought my body could do anything on no sleep and crappy food. Hmm, not so much! Still on the journey, but it's turned into a bit of fun as I have learned more and more about health and wellness! Like you, I have hope for a full recovery!

  3. Rock on Sister! Thanks for sharing your story. I too am on a health journey that began while being raised on the Standard American Crap diet and a house full of cigarette smoke. I had psoriasis by the time I was 12 and when I went away to college developed worse skin, painful psoriatic arthritic joints, and Lymes. Went vegan, went to docs for years but nothing has helped me as much as AIP. It's a journey and I'm not totally better yet but I will heal. And so will you. Keep up the great site and thank you for your inspiration.

  4. Wishing you the best with your journey and many thanks for sharing GOOD eats.
    I have hashimotos and CFS. I've been Paleo 2 years AIP for 6 months. It hasn't helped. I've read only negative results from "detoxing", our bodies are capable of releasing what they don't need with out us going to extreme measures. Health insurance wouldn't be much help except maybe for tests because MD's just don't work with those of us who have autoimmune diseases. Be gentle with yourself and know that if something sounds outlandish, it is. Lot's of crazy suggestions and "cures" on the internet. Eat clean, drink lots of pure water, move a lot without working "out" and get lot of deep sleep. Wish I could help you but single and striving to make it myself.

  5. Fantastic!!!! just wondering what You mean with:" gluten cold turkey"? sorry, my english is not so good....

    1. "Cold turkey" is an expression to mean "stop suddenly". She stopped eating food that contain the protein called "gluten".

  6. hi Tyler....I loved your post on turmeric guess also helps yuck mouth(bad breath)....I would love to hear some remedies for that...I have good hygiene...but sometimes....well.... I get yuck mouth.......can't deal with it...and it is offensive....your thoughts?....thank you !

  7. I haven't read anything on your website except "about me" - however I gave a great feeling that this is going to be very helpful to me in my attempt to heal myself. AND! I'm a bloke from the UK with a lot of health/mental health issues that doctors just can't seem to good luck and I will chip in when I can. Take care.


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