Monday, September 14, 2015

Paleo Baked N'Oatmeal

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Getting my 3.5 year old to eat is the most difficult thing I do on a daily basis. She goes through periods of eating everything she sets her eyes on, and then suddenly she won't anything but fried plantains. In her defense, they're delicious and so good for the ol' gut flora. Anyway, I'm in a total food slump right now- AKA I'm tired of cookin'. What inspired this was a trip out to a coffee shop, where I remembered fondly the days where I'd go there and pick up a bowl of baked oatmeal to have with my coffee. I'm pleased to report that this satiated my craving! This was also a good alternative to the fairly-high-in-sugar Bobo's Oat Bars my toddler has been loving lately. Best of all, it's low carb/sugar and chock full of nutrient dense ingredients. My husband and toddler enjoyed this little treat topped with a few tablespoons of organic half and half. 

   What you need:

1. Preheat oven to 375

2. In a mixing bowl, combine coconut flour, coconut flakes, cinnamon, ginger, chopped apple, raisins, and baking soda. 

3. In a separate mixing bowl mash the banana (if using), then stir in remaining ingredients and mix well. Combine wet and dry ingredients. 

4. Add to baking dish (I used 8" circular baking dish), and bake for approximately 30 minutes-- OR until the edges begin to brown and the top feels firm.


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