Thursday, May 29, 2014

Autoimmune Paleo Salmon Cakes

After nearly two weeks without internet, I am excited to get back to sharing recipes with you guys! Coincidentally, I heard Chris Kresser's "digital detox" podcast just before we began our move, and was starting the feel like I desperately needed one. Even though 2 weeks without internet was hard at times, I'm actually grateful for it. My time with the internet really put my technology usage in check, and now I feel like I will use it more responsibly. Also, since I was in the middle of moving, I didn't have time to work on any recipes- so I'm excited to start creating again as well! I made this recipe shortly after I posted the last salmon patty recipe. My husband and daughter enjoy salmon patties so much, that I really felt like I was missing out. These are nothing short of delicious, and I'm so excited for you guys to try them out. 
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Autoimmune Paleo Italian Herb Breadsticks

These breadsticks were just an experiment that I was making to accompany another experiment (the pasta in the background) that turned out to be a disaster. I was attempting to make... well, maybe I won't tell you since I hope to finesse the recipe in the near future. Anyhow, the pasta was a flop. The breadsticks, however, turned out delightful. I mean, they're quite possibly the closest to a "real" bread texture and flavor I've gotten since I started making AIP recipes. Not to mention that they're simple (in ingredients and preparation), so it's a win-win situation.
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Coconut Plantain Snickeroons {AIP}

Since I started my real food journey years ago, macaroons have always been my favorite treat. For a traditional macaroon, you only need honey, eggs whites, and coconut. Pretty simple! They’re probably the most fool-proof and easy to prepare treats out there- and not to mention one of the best tasting. I came up with this recipe because eggs no longer agree with me, and eggs whites are essential for making traditional macaroons. So, I experimented with a few ingredients until I came up with a "glue" to hold the coconut together: plantain. To see the rest of this recipe, hop on over to Delicious Obsessions

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