Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Easy Paleo Yuca Fries {AIP}

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Have you ever seen yucas in your local super market and thought "what the...?" I definitely have- and I consider myself an adventurous eater. So,  after seeing a few recipes here and there, I decided to go for it. Man, what a treat. Now I'm kicking myself for not buying some earlier. I started the 21 Day Sugar Detox today, and now I can't have them! (I cup of yuca packs over 70 grams of carbohydrates!) It's definitely not something that should be enjoying regularly, but it can definitely be a nice treat every now and again. If you're not sure what a yuca looks like, follow this link. They're long round, brown roots. They're covered in a bark-like skin that is typically very waxy. Yucas bruise fairly easy, so the wax is added to help preserve them. When picking out yucas, check for soft spots. Their flavor is very starchy, and almost identical to that of a potato. Although the texture is slightly different, you almost can't tell the difference between it and a potato. This is great for those of us following the Autoimmune Paleo protocol who can't eat nightshades! After the boiling step, you can simply puree the yuca and make nightshade-free "mashed potatoes"! Preparing yuca is incredibly easy, so don't be intimidated.


  • 3 medium sized yuca roots, or about 2-2.5 pounds
  • 1/2 cup of organic coconut oil, lard, or tallow
  • sea salt

1. Peel the thick brown layer of skin off of the yuca with a potato peeler. Cut off any bruised spots. 

2. Cut the yuca roots in half lengthwise, and remove the long fibrous strip from the center with a knife. Now cut your halves in half width wise, and then into several 1/4" thick fries. 

3. Boil fries for approximately 20 minutes, or until you can easily put a fork through a fry. 

4. Drain the water, and place fries on paper towels or a clean dish towel to dry for about 5 minutes. 

5. You can either fry them in your choice of fat, or bake them. I chose to fry mine. To do this, heat coconut oil on medium heat. Add fries, your seasons of choice, and cook for about 7 minutes or until they begin turning golden. To bake, heat oven to 350, and bake for 20 minutes or until fries turn golden brown. 

6. Sprinkle with sea, and enjoy! 


  1. I love yucca and used to get it fried at a great place that served fantastic Puerto Rican food. I haven't seen it in stores in years. I'm in Ca I wonder where it's grown. Thanks for giving it some space on your blog.

  2. Tapioca is something that can trigger auto-immune response in some people. I would hardly say it's AIP safe. Didn't think I was sensitive but, the last few times I've made cassava / yuca (which tapioca is derived), I've had auto-immune symptoms. Be careful about yuca if you are sensitive to tapioca.


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