Monday, November 4, 2013

Chocolate SUPER Chips (RAW, GAPS, PALEO)

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Chocolate is one of those foods, like pizza, that everyone likes. It's rich, and sweet, and melty- and just magical! The problem is, if you follow a restricted diet, there aren't many chocolate products out there that are actually healthy. Even most of the organic chocolate bars are sweetened with cane sugar or agave- which are both pretty toxic in my book. But the truth is, it CAN be made extremely healthy. The cacao bean (what makes chocolate, CHOCOLATE) is a real superfood! It's chock full of antioxidants, magnesium, and essential fatty acids. "Chock full" is actually an understatement. In fact, it is higher in antioxidants than ANY food tested so far (it has FOUR times the amount of antioxidants than green tea!!). It's magnesium content is also higher than any other food tested so far. Sufficient magnesium is absolutely necessary for optimal health; it neutralizes acid and toxins, calms nerves, regulates bowel movements, and builds strong bones and teeth. Surprisingly- 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient! Cacao is also loaded with energy/mood boosting attributes like theobromine, anandamides, tryptophan and serotonin. Basically, you should add cacao to your diet now. This is the brand I use, and it is the absolute best quality cacao you can get- AND for an awesome price. It's raw and organic. You can find the cacao beans/nibs HERE and the cacao powder HERE. The cacao powder has the oil removed, which is called cacao butter in it's extracted state- you can see that HERE.

So, my point is: chocolate shouldn't be considered junk; it's one of the best foods we can consume! However, the chocolate products we see in most supermarkets are NOT at all healthy. The minute amount of cacao it does have in it has been extremely heated and diluted. I haven't, so far, found chocolate that is suitable for my restricted diet. As I mentioned before, they all have sugar, agave, or soy lecithin. The good news is: it's an absolute breeze to make at home.

To make these chocolate chips, you only needs three ingredients. I used 4 ingredients in my recipe; the extra ingredient is Maca- another superfood! Maca is excellent for balancing the hormones (for men & women), boosting energy and sexual function, and is loaded with vitamins and minerals! Although I used Maca in this recipe to make the chips even more super- it's isn't necessary! If you're a strict SCD'er- maca is not technically legal on the diet. I have mixed ideas about this, and still include it in my diet every now and then.

I saw this recipe on, so I must give her credit for the brilliant idea. You can see that recipe HERE. Tiffany is a primitive mama like myself, and has a wonderful blog- so take a look around while you're there.

What you'll need:


1. If you're using raw ingredients, and want to keep them raw, you'll need to use a double boiler to control the temperature (keep below 115). Add all of the ingredients to the saucepan/double boiler, and heat on a low temperature. 

2. The mixture does not need to simmer, it just needs to liquefy and be fully combined. 

3. Line a baking sheet or dish with parchment paper or coconut oil. You don't want your end product to be too thick, so use a fairly large dish to put the mixture in. 

4. Pour your chocolate into the dish and freeze for 2-3 hours. 

5. Once the chocolate has frozen solid, you can remove it and break it into pieces. Once you have broken them into your desired size, just put them in a bag and store them in the freezer. This chocolate can be used to replace chocolate chips in any recipe! 

I hope you enjoy!
Please, let me know if you try the recipe! 


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