Friday, November 8, 2013

Oh Baby Foods (Review)

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Chrunchy or not, I think most parents want nothing more than for their children to be happy and healthy. For me, that means making sure than my little one is eating the best possible foods. It also means staying away from toxic, chemical and preservative laden mainstream foods. As a mom who is extremely critical of what I am allowing my babe-love to put into her body, I often find it difficult to find on-the-go snacks. On days when we are in-and-out of the car, driving here and there- it's nice to have a snack that she can eat in her car-seat without my assistance. 

Baby food pouches are extremely popular right now, and I've even noticed that franchises like Wal-Mart have a large organic selection of them. While it's wonderful that Wal-Mart and other franchises have organic options- are they really all that healthy? I have found that many of the organic baby food pouches have fruit juice concentrates, unnecessary preservatives, and are rarely ever grain free. If you weren't aware of this- grains are NOT good for young ones. Read an article about that HERE. Also, I eat a strict paleo diet, so I wouldn't feed my child something I wouldn't eat myself. I have found a few flavors that are grain free with minimal ingredients- but my daughter doesn't like them! Every time we decide to buy a few pouches, she takes one bite and they go to waste.

So, the exciting news: I found an awesomely-delicious, uniquely-flavored, super-healthy, organic, LOCAL baby food pouch. And the best part? My daughter LOVES them. With unique flavor pairings like berries and lavender, and kale and spearmint- how can you go wrong? The only preservative in these baby food pouches is Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)- and I think that's something to be excited about. It's also great to be able to support such a progressive local business! To read more about Oh Baby Foods, check out their website HERE

If you're from Harrison, get to Nature's Wonders and buy some of these for you babe-love now. She/he will love you for it! If you've never been to Nature's Wonders (you should be ashamed of yourself...)- HERE is a link to their website for information about hours and location.


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