Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Simple Spaghetti (PALEO, GAPS, SCD)

Okay, you're probably wondering what these noodles are made of. Well, they're made of zucchini squash, my friend! I was a bit skeptical at first as well, but I must say- I prefer them over grain noodles any day. They're versatile, and go well with an array of flavors. I highly recommend keeping your refrigerator stocked with zucchini (or yellow summer squash) for those times when you need to throw together a quick meal. When added to baked dishes, or used as an alternative to grains, squash really takes on a bread-like flavor. This is especially convenient for those of us who are on a grain free diet! 
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chocolate Ginger Spice Cookies (RAW-PALEO-GAPS)

Ever been hung on using the same herbs, spices, or flavor combinations in the kitchen? I certainly have. This past week, I have been obsessed with the combination of chocolate and ginger. (We bought a pound of raw organic cacao last month, so I've also been using chocolate almost every day.) It's so good! I make a smoothie every morning, and have been making a chocolate, blueberry, spinach, and ginger smoothie that is simply heavenly.  Anyhow, I hope you like these. Raw snacks are so fun, and easy to get creative with. 

Raw cookies, truffles and bars haven't been cooked- so they're soft and chewy! They may seem difficult, but I promise they're they easiest snack to make. Not to mention that you only need a blender or food processor to make them- so you don't have to mess up your kitchen to make these yummy things. I'm actually preparing a post right now that will cover the basics of raw desserts! So be sure to check that out. If you've read any of my other recipes, you know I like to keep things simple; this recipe is no exception. I used 6 ingredients, and two of them were flavor add-ins. AND instead of using two types of oil, you can use just coconut oil! I just used cacao butter because I had it.. and it's delicious. I also threw a few tablespoons of organic hemp seeds in mine, but that is totally optional. I didn't put that in the ingredient list, because I didn't want to cause too much confusion. 
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Savory Juice Pulp Crackers (RAW, PALEO, SCD)

If you've ever juiced very much, you know that pulp can accumulate fairly quickly. My husband and I bought the Omega J8006 Juicer last year, and it made juicing so quick and easy that we have grown quite fond of juice. I've heard avid juicers talk about all of the yummies you can make with pulp, but only recently decided to make use of this awesome stuff! These crackers are Autoimmune Paleo (as long as you don't use nightshade pulp), GAPS, and SCD friendly. 
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why My Family Wears Barefoot Shoes

If the term "barefoot shoes" doesn't ring a bell, I'm sure you have at least seen those infamous "toe shoes" (the red shoes pictured above) and thought "Why on Earth would anyone wear those hideous things?" Well, I'm here to tell you that there are about a dozen good reasons to! Not to mention how terrible conventional shoes can be for you feet, spine, and over-all health. There are tons of minimalist shoes on the market right now, so I'll also be introducing you to some of my favorites! 

So what is a barefoot, or minimalist, shoe you ask? Plain and simple- it's a shoes that simulates being barefoot. A good barefoot shoe has these attributes:
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Oh Baby Foods (Review)

Chrunchy or not, I think most parents want nothing more than for their children to be happy and healthy. For me, that means making sure than my little one is eating the best possible foods. It also means staying away from toxic, chemical and preservative laden mainstream foods. As a mom who is extremely critical of what I am allowing my babe-love to put into her body, I often find it difficult to find on-the-go snacks. On days when we are in-and-out of the car, driving here and there- it's nice to have a snack that she can eat in her car-seat without my assistance. 
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Herbed Pineapple & Sausage (AIP, Paleo, SCD)

When I first started my real food journey, I had a blast making elaborate meals. Chopping this, simmering this, sauteing that, roasting those, and putting them all together to make a fancy dish. If you're in it for the long haul, that just isn't a practical way to approach real food. (For me anyway.) Nowadays, I usually eat 1-2 ingredient meals!

I was inspired to try this combination by one of my favorite bloggers- Danielle Walker from Against All Grain. I got her cookbook for my birthday, and I can't even explain how good it is. It's so practical, and her story is incredibly inspiring. I've had/seen a lot of cookbooks in my life, and I can easily say this is the ONLY one I need. It's filled with staple recipes that really inspire you create your own dishes! Breads, crusts, condiments, dressings, tortillas, etc. Follow THIS link to check out her blog, and THIS one to see her cookbook on Amazon. I intended to post a link to the original recipe that inspired me, but I couldn't find it.

This combination (fruit, and beef sausages) has became one of my favorite easy breakfast combinations. It's simple, but versatile and unique. Not to mention, I always have fruit and ground beef in my kitchen. I have tried this with several different fruit and herb combinations, and you really can't go wrong with this recipe! The one I did in the picture is sweet basil and pineapple, but I highly recommend just using whatever you have.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Chocolate SUPER Chips (RAW, GAPS, PALEO)

Chocolate is one of those foods, like pizza, that everyone likes. It's rich, and sweet, and melty- and just magical! The problem is, if you follow a restricted diet, there aren't many chocolate products out there that are actually healthy. Even most of the organic chocolate bars are sweetened with cane sugar or agave- which are both pretty toxic in my book. But the truth is, it CAN be made extremely healthy. The cacao bean (what makes chocolate, CHOCOLATE) is a real superfood! It's chock full of antioxidants, magnesium, and essential fatty acids. "Chock full" is actually an understatement. In fact, it is higher in antioxidants than ANY food tested so far (it has FOUR times the amount of antioxidants than green tea!!). It's magnesium content is also higher than any other food tested so far. Sufficient magnesium is absolutely necessary for optimal health; it neutralizes acid and toxins, calms nerves, regulates bowel movements, and builds strong bones and teeth. Surprisingly- 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient! Cacao is also loaded with energy/mood boosting attributes like theobromine, anandamides, tryptophan and serotonin. Basically, you should add cacao to your diet now. This is the brand I use, and it is the absolute best quality cacao you can get- AND for an awesome price. It's raw and organic. You can find the cacao beans/nibs HERE and the cacao powder HERE. The cacao powder has the oil removed, which is called cacao butter in it's extracted state- you can see that HERE.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rosemary Lemon Cookies (RAW, PALEO, SCD)

A few Christmases ago (before I discovered my gluten sensitivity), I found the most wonderful rosemary lemon butter cookie recipe (recipe HERE). Seriously, hands down, my favorite. cookie. ever. It's just loaded with sugar and flour! Anyhow, with the holidays just around the corner, I've been daydreaming about what I will prepare for the family gatherings. Most of my family members think I'm off my rocker because of the uber health conscious decisions I make, and are hesitant to try anything I prepare. Not to mention that it can cost more to prepare a healthy, organic meal- so why waste my time, money, and effort if it isn't recognized or appreciated? Well, I do it anyway- because, even if they think I'm crazy, I still can't consciously prepare a toxic meal for them. I don't go all out (only because I can't afford to), but I usually try to bring at least one dish or dessert to a family gathering. This year, I thought I might try to recreate that heavenly butter cookie.
I just threw this together in about 10 minutes, so I may end up tweaking this recipe in a few weeks when I try it again. I was quite pleased with the results of my first attempt though! It's smooth, and tangy, and sweet, and herbaly!

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All recipes are original creations by Tyler Peacock (The Primitive Homemaker), unless otherwise noted. If you wish to use a recipe on your own recipe or blog, please provide your readers with the link to my original recipe.